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Skill Toy
Skill Toy

There’s quite a range of outdoor games which are fun, as well as stimulating for childhood development. The wild frontier of the backyard can become a real adventure for little kids. This can be real fun, and toys are the key. Kids can bring their precious inseparable toys with them as they explore the big world outside. Toys rule the world, as you’ve quite probably noticed. They’re essential equipment for kids, outdoors as well as indoors.

Outdoor games are real learning experiences. They involve a range of observational and coordination development. Kids have an incredible ability to gain knowledge and information. Not one second is wasted. Fun is definitely best practice for kids. They learn fast even in basic games.

Add some interesting educational games, and you can be sure that they’re getting the full benefits of exercise and learning. All outdoor games include a lot of thinking and the kid’s version of game theory, a valuable asset in development.

Treasure hunts

Treasure hunting is one of the classic outdoor games. This is Hide and Seek with quite a few extras. Treasure is a reward, and it’s a good motivator, adding a lot of interest and requiring thought. For very young kids, adding a storyline helps follow the logic of looking for the treasure, like a nursery story.

Basic example: Teddy’s Treasure Hunt

Teddy has a beautiful brand new outdoor toy somewhere in the yard. You may or may not describe the toy, but you know it’s out there. Instead of sending a mere parent to do a kid’s job, the child explores and finds the new toy.

Setting up games

Setting up games is a combination of safety precautions and presentation:

  • Safety: Check out thoroughly anything in the area which may be any sort of hazard. Some areas may have to be off limits, like places where paints, pesticides or household chemicals are kept. Look at the footing and safety of access to the area, to avoid bumps and scrapes. Hide the treasure where there are no possible risks and it’s a nice place to find a brand new toy.

  • Presentation: Treasure should look like treasure. Gift wrapping, preferably colorful, and nice packaging always looks great, and it’s sometimes much appreciated, and kept with the toys.

Learning skills

Learning skills in outdoor games integrate physical coordination, conceptualization, logic, and game concepts are into a working skill set with an objective. Exploration is also a lot of fun, and it’s a good way to build observational skills and areas of interest. The treasure hunt motif is a situational awareness motif, with several concurrent processes.

Visual cues

The simple act of looking at something is a skill development for young kids. In combination with actions, it’s part of a very useful integration of movement, observation and action. Visual cues act as concept development triggers, and are built in as working ideas for everything from catching a ball to finding a new toy by a thoughtful search. is a leading Australian online toy store. Visit for a wide selection of Kids Toys at discounted prices. To save money on your next purchase, please visit Toys Online.

Looking for an eletronic toy with 100 levels of puzzles to solve…?

This electronic toy is shaped as a pyramid, and is black in appearance with 5 multi-colored, flat buttons that act as steps on the front. They are pressed as a means to solve whatever puzzle is to be solved. Sometimes the toy (female voice) speaks when giving clues to the puzzle. Sometimes the toy plays music, or has various sound effects. As you move up the levels, the puzzles get harder to solve. The toy tests math, rythym, music, listening and memory skills, and can save your progress along the tough journey. One more thing: on the top of this pyramid-shaped toy is a white light–the all-seeing-eye of sorts–that flashes once the puzzle has been solved. I’ve been searching forever for this toy, so someone out there please end my misery and FIND THIS TOY!

Skill Toy Collection at the House of Skills

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